ActiMot is a part of


Automated Home Cage Phenotyping


Infrared Light Beam Activity Monitor


  • Several frame sizes and geometries, flexible use for different arenas
  • Available as combination system for mice and rats
  • Reliable activity detection in three dimensions (X-Y-Z axis)
  • Spatial and temporal resolution adaptable and optimized to experimental conditions
  • Sensor status changes according to movement (permanently interrupted light beams are ignored)
  • Highly detailed, validated, comprehensive numerical and graphical activity analysis


This modular system consists of a metal frame of variable size and geometry that can be placed around a home cage (PhenoMaster) or other test arena. Evenly spaced infrared light beams are emitted along the X and Y axis. Beam interruptions caused by movements of the animal are registered at high spatial and temporal resolution. An optional rearing (Z axis) indicator in the form of a second frame at variable height completes the system.

ActiMot2 Software (an integral part of the PhenoMaster Software) allows in depth activity/exploration analysis with more than 100 automatically calculated parameters. The analysis can be customized with various inbuilt options, including the definition of regions of interest (e.g., center, surround, feeding and drinking corners), and the definition of detection thresholds, such as for sleeping/resting behavior. A variety of display options – movement tracks, numerical or 3-D displays of position and time variables, etc. – provide quick insight into the activity and exploration pattern of the anim