Body Weight Sensor & Housing

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Automated Home Cage Phenotyping

Body Weight Sensor & Housing

Precision Where You Need It!


  • Universal high precision weighing sensor also suited for feeding or drinking monitoring
  • No animal handling required
  • Body weight measurements every time the animal enters the tube
  • Also serves as a home cage enrichment tool
  • One of multiple sensors that fit into one cage (combination example: 4 sensors for 2 diets, water, and body weight)


The body weight measuring unit is a module available for PhenoMaster home cages that can be used in various contexts, e.g. to assess weight gain in response to high fat diet or drug exposure, effects of exercise or simply to monitor animal wellbeing.

The unit is based on a high precision weighing sensor attached to the cage lid which is sensitive enough to detect even subtle weight changes. The suspended tubular red housing flexibly connects to the sensor. Body weight is measured every time the animal enters this tube. In addition to yielding valuable data, the tube housing provides a beneficial cage enrichment tool that animals seek out to rest and groom in.