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Automated Home Cage Phenotyping

The Smart Foundation For Our Technology


  • home cage principle for ensuring a high level of animal welfare
  • minimized need of human handling
  • increasing task validity and data reproducibility


All PhenoMaster modules are specially designed to combine with standard mouse and rat home cages to meet or exceed international (European, American, and Asian) animal welfare standards.

The home cage principle was introduced by TSE Systems a decade ago. The idea is simple – maintaining the animal during testing in a familiar, stress-reduced standardized environment. This is not only consistent with increased awareness and respect for animal welfare; it also creates experimental conditions that strengthen validity of your results.

The cage lid plays a major role in every PhenoMaster setup as it integrates and connects all home cage test modules (except ActiMot2 activity frame). Customized lids may be equipped with any combination of the following: slots for feeding, drinking, access control, body weight modules (the number of slots is tailored to your experimental needs), a swivel port for tethered applications, and a connection port for an operant wall or running wheel. Special Macrolon lids feature in addition an integrated cage temperature probe and designated gas in and outlets for metabolic measurements (indirect gas calorimetry).

NEW: PhenoMaster IsoCages for maintenance and testing of germ-free animals!