CaloSys is a part of


Automated Home Cage Phenotyping


For Truely Flawless Metabolic Studies


  • PULL and PUSH mode (for conventional or hypoxia/isocage studies)
  • Continuous or multiplexed sampling (up to 1s time resolution)
  • Optional high-speed gas sensors for accelerated multiplexed measurement
  • Auto-calibration ensures consistent sensor accuracy prior to experiment
  • Programmable mass-flow controllers optimize flow rates according to animal size/species, and there is a dedicated temperature sensor for every cage
  • Elimination of variable influence of water by a first pass physical Peltier-based gas drying unit
  • Gas analyzer can be expanded with H2, CH4 and VOC sensors for real-time microbiome research



The TSE Systems Indirect gas calorimetry measures the animal’s oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production to calculate key metabolic parameters, including the respiratory exchange rate (RER), energy expenditure (EE), and substrate utilization (fat vs. carbohydrate catabolism).

CaloSys is a fully automated high-throughput module for short- and long-term metabolic experiments. While conventional systems use standard PULL mode only, TSE’s CaloSys offers the most flexibility with both PULL and PUSH mode continuous and multiplexed respirometry. Only PUSH mode permits hypoxia studies, experiments under germ-free conditions and the exposure to a defined gas composition.

Choose between CONTINUOUS high-speed measurements for unparalleled time resolution or MULTIPLEXED calorimetry with sharing of gas sensors between two or more cages. Additional sensors can be added at any time. Take advantage from the advanced technology solutions including programmable mass flow controllers for optimized flow rates in every cage, high-precision gas sensors, clean physical (instead of chemical or calculated) elimination of variable water vapor influence and convenient auto-calibration. CaloSys provides raw sensor data and calculation formulas directly available and accessible, thus granting unique transparency and adaptability. Data can be accessed immediately during the experiment.

CaloSys can be used with a home cage setup equipped with enrichment tools granting maximal animal welfare in various combinations of options and modules. Calosys can also be coupled into a treadmill (CaloTreadmill) or wheel (CaloWheel) for exercise calorimetry, or into a special cage construct designed for urine and feces quantification (Metabolic PhenoCage).