CED Power1401-3 Amplifier



The Power1401-3 is the latest high-performance data acquisition interface. It uses advanced processor technology to give you all the power and flexibility you need in a state-of-the-art laboratory interface.

Fast data acquisition and analysis

The Power1401 records waveform data, digital (event) and marker information, and can generate waveform and digital outputs simultaneously for real-time, multi-tasking experiment control. The Power1401 has a 1 GHz Marvell processor (essentially an ARM V5TE core) and up to 2GB of on-board memory, to facilitate high speed data capture, independent waveform sample rates and complex on-line analysis, freeing valuable time for the host computer to perform other tasks, such as data manipulation and further analysis.

Multi-channel on-line spike discrimination with
‘spike monitor’ display 


  • 16 channels of 16-bit waveform input on base unit
  • 1 Gbyte memory expandable to 2 Gbytes
  • Dynamically programmable amplifier option
  • Software-selectable ±5V or ±10V input and output ranges
  • Synchronisation with other CED 1401s for large numbers of channels, all accurately timed
  • USB 2.0 high-speed connection
  • Firmware upgrades via CED web site