Climate Chamber

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Automated Home Cage Phenotyping

Climate Chamber

Environmental Control & Monitoring


  • Specifically designed for indirect calorimetry experiments
  • Software-based, programmable control of light, temperature and humidity (stable environment)
  • Ideal for thermos-neutrality and temperature challenges, fully integrated & automated
  • Fast execution of programmed temperature changes
  • Controlled via PhenoMaster software
  • Stable air quality, high level of internal temperature homogeneity from 4-35°C
  • Meets AAALAC / FELASA guidelines


The environmental control chambers were specifically designed for indirect calorimetry experiments. The environment becomes part of the experiment with temperature, light and humidity under tight software control. Temperature challenge and circadian effects can now be studied in detail.

Visual inspection of the experimental animals is possible through windows equipped with a filter foil blocking all external light from the visible spectrum in mice. Red light illuminates the chamber during programmed dark phases. The chambers also reduces noise to a minimum compared to open housing conditions.