EA362 Dual PicoStat

EA362  Dual PicoStat

EA362 Dual PicoStat

  • High sensitivity 2 channel potentiostat
  • Bipotentiostat and 4-electrode modes of operation


The Dual PicoStat is a two channel high sensitivity potentiostat suitable for use with carbon fiber and ultramicroelectrodes for the monitoring of low current signals (down to picoameperes). It is commonly used for in vivo monitoring of dopamine by amperometry.

There are two potentiostat channels which enable the unit to also be used as a bipotentiostat (two working electrodes with a common reference and auxiliary electrode) so that dopamine levels can be monitored at two separate locations. Alternatively it can be used to perform duplicate experiments with separate samples, each with a working, reference and auxiliary electrode.

It can also be used as a 4-electrode voltage clamp (with two current passing and two voltage sensing reference electrodes) for studies of ionic transport across membranes or immiscible interfaces.

The Dual PicoStat is electrically isolated and is resistant to interference from neural stimulators, and ground loops. It is DC powered and can be used inside Faraday cages if required.

The Dual PicoStat must be used in conjunction with an e-corder unit. The e-corder 410 is recommended.

NOTE: This unit has recently superseded the EA162 PicoStat some citations of which are reported in the Applications tab.


  • Range settings (and theoretical resolution): 
           10 µA   (313 pA)                    5 µA   (156 pA)                2 µA   (62.5 pA)
           1 µA   (31.3 pA)                     500 nA (15.6 pA)             200 nA (6.25 pA)
           100 nA   (3.13 pA)                 50 nA  (1.56 pA)              20 nA   (625 fA)
           10 nA  (313 fA)                      50 nA  (156 fA)                2 nA   (62.5 fA)
           1 nA  (31.3 fA)                       5 nA  (15.6 fA)                1 nA   (6.25 fA)
           100 pA   (3.13 fA)                   50 pA  (1.56 fA)              20 pA   (625 aA)
           10 pA   (313 aA)                     5 pA  (156 aA)                2 pA   (62.5 aA)
           1 pA   (31.3 aA)
  • Input resistance: 1013 ohm
  • Bandwidth: 16kHz at100nA and above; 1.6kHz at 10nA and below.
  • Applied potential: ±2.5 V maximum
  • Compliance:  13 V
  • Isolation: 250 Vrms