Grip Strength Meter

Grip Strength Meter

Muscle Strength


  • High precision force sensor for determination of gripping strength in laboratory animals
  • Available as a stand-alone or PC-based sensor system (export to Excel for computer assisted analysis)
  • Sensor capacity for mice: up to 600 ponds, rats: up to 2000 ponds
  • Height-adjustable sensor module for measuring forelimb and hindlimb strength
  • Different grip specifications (mesh, trapezoid) or customized grips


The TSE Grip Strength Meter is a system for determining the gripping strength of small laboratory animals (rat, mouse). Within the context of neuromuscular investigations this test can be used to quantify the effects of hormones, toxins, muscle relaxants and other manipulations on the muscular strength of the animal.

The animal pulls a special height-adjustable grip which is mounted on a high-precision force sensor. If the animal releases the grip, the maximum force exerted is shown on the digital display of a connected control unit. In addition, the analog waveform can be shown on a chart recorder.

For maximum convenience the setup can be connected to a PC. If the animal releases the grip the maximum value is processed by the computer and easily exported to Excel for further statistical calculations.