InfraMot is a part of


Automated Home Cage Phenotyping


Infrared Motion Sensor


  • Reliable activity detection under any lighting conditions
  • Sensitive to temperature changes 
  • Body temperature can be used as health monitor


The TSE InfraMot system is designed to register total activity of one or more animals under any lighting condition by reliably sensing the heat radiating from the animal’s body and its displacement over time – making it ideally suited for long-term circadian studies. The sensor assembly is designed to be mounted on top of a home cage, but it can also be configured for any other arena such as an operant cage.

As an integral part of our modular PhenoMaster/LabMaster research platform, the InfraMot units can also be combined and synchronized with the measurement of numerous physiological and behavioral parameters such as liquid & food consumption, wheel running behavior or/and metabolic performance.