Patchliner – Versatile and sophisticated

The Patchliner is a fully automated planar patch clamp instrument recording from up to 8 cells simultaneously. With its vast experimental freedom and gigaseal data quality, the Patchliner is one of the most versatile patch clamp instruments on the market. The benefits the Patchliner offers include:


  • External & internal exchange
  • Unlimited compound applications due to continuous waste removal
  • Temperature control (see Applications)
  • Cooled CellHotel
  • Voltage & current clamp + dynamic clamp
  • Available as Patchliner Quattro or Octo – 4 or 8 amplifier channels
  • Single- & multihole chips, produced in-house
  • Rseries compensation


  • Voltage and ligand-gated ion channels
  • Temperature-activated channels
  • Recordings at physiological temperature
  • Whole-cell & perforated patch clamp
  • Cell lines, primary cells and stem cells
  • Part of the CiPA validation study
  • Minimized cell consumption
  • Easy & customizable analysis tools

The Patchliner is versatile yet robust, ideal for basic research of ion channel biophysics and mechanisms of action, and sophisticated assays including heat activation of TRP channels, activation of Ca2+-activated channels by internal exchange and fast external solution exchange with minimal exposure for ligand-gated ion channels such as nAChα7. The Patchliner is also an excellent tool for routine assays such as safety screening of hERG or other cardiac ion channels in line with the CiPA initiative.

Since its introduction in 2006, over 100 instruments have been installed worldwide, in academic labs (46%), pharmaceutical companies (34%) and CROs (20%). The Patchliner is appreciated because of routine high success rates (>80% gigaseals), optimized assays including minimized cell consumption and proven use of primary cells and stem cells.

Our dedicated team of electrophysiologists and engineers are committed to continuous in-house assay development, software and hardware advancements, ensuring fast and custom-tailored solutions for your assay demands.