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Animal Behavior and Physiology

  • Behavior Research Equipment for Studies of Avoidance, Drinking and Feeding, Metabolic Monitors, Grip Strength
  • Meter, Video Tracking in open field, mazes (Elevated, Morris-Water, Radial arm), Operant Behavior (Conditioning) System, RotaRod and Rotameter, Fear Conditioning System, Shuttle Box, Startle Response, Video Tracking System, Running Wheel System
  • Vogel Test System, Activity Monitor, and Place Preference System
  • Treadmills, Analgesia Instruments, Plethysmometer, Sensory Evaluator
  • Inhalation Chambers like Nose-Exposure System, Whole Body Exposure System
  • Telemetry System for Biopotential Monitoring, like EEG, ECG etc.
  • Invasive and Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Monitoring Systems
  • Respiration Pumps, Nano Pumps, Single and Multi-Syringe Pumps
    Clippers, Small Animal Operating Table
  • Stereotaxic Apparatus, Animal Surgery and Accessories, Fiber Optic Illumination
  • Gas Anesthesia Apparatus, Ventilator, Pulse Oximeter, CO2 Analyzer
  • Temperature Controller, Induction Chamber, Vaporizer
  • Monitors for Blood Pressure , CO2 and Heart Rate
  • Decapitators, Tissue Slicer/ Chopper, Fixation Systems
  • Micro dialysis system, Rodent Swivels and Accessories
  • Programmable micro-infusion pump
  • Cell Penetrator and Injector
  • Brain Slice and Tissue Chambers
  • The Metabolic cages, PhenoMaster, PhenoWorld, Kinematic studies


  • Amplifiers and Data Acquisition System for Intracellullar, Extracellullar Recording, Stimulators, Perfusion Systems and Chambers, Iontophoretic Drug Injection Systems, Manipulators (manual and motorized)
  • Micropipettes Pullers, Microforge, Vibratome, In-line /Multi-Channel Temperature Controller; Noise Isolator, UV-FLASH Photolysis System
  • MicroElectrode Array for Extracellullar Recording
  • High Throughput Oocytes Screening System
  • Automated Patch-Clamp System
  • Ion-Channels expressed Cell Cultures
  • Accessories like Carbon Fibre Electrodes, Micropipettes, Ag wires
  • PV loop system, Catheters for cardiovascular research including direct pressure, pressure-volume and intra-cardiac electrogram sensors.
  • Tissue Bath Systems, Isolated Heart Systems and Isolated Organ Systems


  • Chemicals , supplies , accessories, and equipment for Electron and Light Microscopy, Histology, CellBiology, Neuroscience, and all biological related research fields.


  • Amplifiers, Signal Recorders, EChem, Chart and Scope, PowerChrom Software

Your ideas

  • We custom according to your ideas like Atlantic Water Maze, Meter Prototype, Stereotaxic, Bean Walking, Laboratory Ventilation