Swivel is a part of


Automated Home Cage Phenotyping


Power Through Integration And Flexibility


  • This feature offers you many options for electrical, optic and tubing connections
  • Tethered animals can be connected to any external device
  • Drug infusion, e-physiological recording/stimulation, optical stimulation and more can be done using this apparatus
  • Controlled by PhenoMaster Software


The swivel is a modular add-on to the PhenoMaster system or other test arenas or cages. It connects a tethered animal within the cage or arena to external devices. The swivel allows an animal to freely behave in the experimental arena keeping cables or tubes untangled while still connected to the respective external research equipment.

Applications are: in vivo electrophysiological recording/stimulation, optical stimulation, microdialysis, blood sampling or pharmacological interventions

Example applications: Blood samples can be drawn at defined times of the day without animal handling; drugs or other compounds can be infused and their effects on operant learning be directly observed in the home cage; similarly electrophysiological recordings or stimulations can be initiated; and optogenetics applications can be implemented in a time or performance dependent manner.

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