TSE Inhalation Systems

Inhalation Systems

Nano Technology, Dust, Liquid aerosol, Vapor, Cigarette Smoke Generation, Exposure & Analysis

TSE Systems develops and manufactures complete solutions for a variety of inhalation exposure test assays. We offer a wide range of equipment and components for in-vivo and in-vitro studies with aerosols and vapors.

Our exposure systems are suitable for long- and short-term inhalative investigations with test animals or cell cultures involving toxicity and impact of particulate matter, e.g. in pharmacology, environmental and occupational safety, and bio-defense studies.

The exposure system design and Daco inhalation software for automatic control and regulation of experiments support you in achieving compliance with the OECD, EPA and GLP guidelines.

It is our belief that planning an appropriate inhalation system can only be realized in close cooperation with the customer, focusing particularly on the research aim and test substance(s) used. Our extensive experience will contribute to a successful system and laboratory setup design and rapid execution.

Standardized, modular components covering a wide range of exposure instrumentation are configured to form an efficient tool for scientific research in the field of inhalation exposure.

As an additional service, we can provide system documentation, certificates and test protocols according to guideline requirements.

For TSE Systems, the customer matters most!

Selected Publications:

2017: Characterization of Aerosols of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles Following Three Generation Methods Using an Optimized Aerosolization System Designed for Experimental Inhalation Studies
Pujalté I, Serventi A, Noël A, Dieme D, Haddad S, Bouchard M