Useful Video

Multi Channel Experimenter - Overview
Multi Channel Suite Webinar Recording
Multi Channel Experimenter - Digital Event Detector
LASU Optogenetics, photostimulation and uncaging system
VivoScope - in vivo multiphoton imaging system
IVM Mini Triple - miniature in vivo triple axis micromanipulator
IVM Mini Single - miniature in vivo single axis micromanipulator
Neurostar - Drill and Injection Robot
Neurostar - Smart Bregma Finder
Neurostar - Microinjection Robot
Neurostar - Motorized Stereotaxic
Neurostar - Drill Robot
Motorized Stereotaxic: 7. Working in angled trajectories
Scientists Empowering Scientists: How To Make Better Pipettes
Effects of the Velocity on the Pipette Shape
Installing a Filament
Pulling a Patch Pipette From Quartz Glass
How To Copy a Pull Program
Sutter P-2000 Puller: Tutorial Introduction
Checking the Cable Pulleys
IntelliCage by NewBehavior
TSE Systems Multi Conditioning
TSE Systems PhenoMaster
2014 06 17 11 34 HEKA Electrophysiology Update final
HEKA Electrophysiology Update 2013-06-27
Chart Recording with PATCHMASTER Software (HEKA Electrophysiology Update 2013-06-27)
Foredom K.1070 Micromotor Collet Change
Foredom K.1070 Motor Brushes
Foredom Micromotors