Voluntary Running Wheels

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Voluntary Running Wheels

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  • Wheels with variable rod distance (for the evaluation of motor skill deficits – more sensitive to early signs than other conventional motor skill tests)
  • Access to wheel running can be restricted/limited by time, distance, bodyweight or an operant task
  • Conversely, limited access to food by using running as instrumental component of learning on the operant wall (e.g. running for food)
  • Rotation detection with 90° resolution that allows for differentiation of left and right turns
  • Running wheel control is integrated into the PhenoMaster software


Voluntary running wheels can be used to assess short- and long- term (circadian) activity patterns or for enrichment purposes in PhenoMaster or PhenoWorld setups and other home cage systems.

TSE voluntary running wheels are available in different configurations- adapted to your individual scientific needs. The wheels can easily be integrated into the home cage, suspended from the cage lid, leaving maximum living space for the animal to move inside the cage.