Model 4100 Isolated High Power Stimulator

The Model 4100 stimulator delivers stimulus trains comprised of monophasic, biphasic, and/or ramped waveforms. The Model 4100 can be programmed to deliver a variety of common protocols, including LTP/LTD stimulation studies, Paired Pulses protocols, and Stepped Pulse paradigms.

Model 3800 MultiStim: 8-Channel Stimulator

In addition to monophasic and biphasic pulse trains, the Model 3800 also delivers traditional protocols such as Paired Pulses and Stepped Pulses. Each channel also has a SUM output, whereby the signals of other channels can be summed together for complicated waveform protocols.

Model 3820 Stimulus Isolation Unit

Used to isolate, convert, and scale the output of a single channel of the Model 3800 into either constant current or constant voltage.

Model 3500 16-Channel Extracellular Differential Amplifier

The Model 3500 features 16 independent channels, or amplifiers, a front panel touch screen, computer control capabilities and a built-in calibrator. Users can also easily monitor the activity on any two channels via the convenient front panel BNC signal monitors.

Model 3600 16-Channel Extracellular Amplifier

The Model 3600 features 16 independent channels, or amplifiers, a front panel touch screen, computer control capabilities and a built-in calibrator. Compatible with two different headstage styles. Users can also monitor the activity on any two channels through an external oscilloscope.

Model 2400 Patch Clamp Amplifier

The Model 2400 is a low-noise, full-featured patch clamp amplifier designed for voltage clamping using patch electrodes on single channels or whole cells. Its design also allows fast intracellular current clamp measurements with sharp electrodes.

Model 1600 Neuroprobe Amplifier

The Neuroprobe Amplifier Model 1600: Designed to surpass the exacting requirements of intracellular neurological studies and provide the research scientist with versatility, accuracy and ease of operation.


The Optopatcher® provides unmatched accuracy in applying optical stimulation to an in-vivo patch-clamp protocol. The holder houses both an optical fiber and an electrode enabling simultaneous patch-clamp recording and optogenetic activation.

Bipolar Suction Electrode

The bipolar suction electrode incorporates many suggestions made by A-M Systems users over the years, and was recently redesigned using the guidance of Dr. Barry Rhoades of Wesleyan College. Those improvements include easier connectivity to amplifiers, improved shielding, and the inclusion of a reference lead, allowing the electrode to make bipolar recordings.

Wires & Rods

A-M Systems offers a wide variety of fine bare, fine insulated wires, and straightened rods for your electrode manufacturing needs. We also have the ability to provide custom diameters and lengths of any item for your unique applications.

Platinum-Iridium, Platinum, Silver, Gold, Stainless Steel, and Tungsten wire and rod are available in diameters as small as 0.001” (25 µ) to as large as 0.025” (635 µ).


A-M Systems also provides accessories. Head to their website to view the different types of equipment sold by them.

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