Infrared Video Camera

The IR-2000 features industry leading frame rates and up to 4K Ultra HD resolution for impeccable image clarity. The user-friendly IR-Capture software provides increased flexibility and enables users to operate in auto mode or manual mode to achieve the optimal image for any IR application.


BrainDancer® is a commercial-grade dynamic phantom, designed to identify and correct systematic scanner-induced noise.

High Speed Pressure Clamp

The HSPC-2-SB is an easy-to-use device for generating arbitrary pressure waveforms for the study of mechanosensitive ion channels during patch clamp recording. It is also used to stimulate the inner hair cells in the ear canal. The device consists of a control unit and a small headstage.

FiberOptoMeter III

Used for localized measurement of physiological fluorescence signals (e.g. Ca2+ signals) from multiple sites in stimulation of physiological signals in disease model animals and drug testing freely behaving animals including primates. It is also used for multi-color stimulation, near simultaneous optical measurement of cellular activity and stimulation and chronic monitoring of physiological signals in disease model animals and drug testing

Digital BiPolar 3 Channel ALA Temperature Controller

The Tri Temp temperature controller was specifically designed for the demanding needs of the laboratory. Specifically built for use in electrophysiology (low noise) and imaging, it has features that make it a must for all types of labs where precision control of heated and/or cooled small devices are necessary for experimental design and for keeping live tissue viable


The CPM-2 (Coating and Polishing Microforge) is designed to be a complete system for processing pulled patch pipettes. It is available as a kit that mounts on a microscope or as a complete system with an inverted microscope.

Budget Friendly Dual Channel Extracellular Amplifier

This device has two recording channels with stimulus control and differential inputs. It supports up to four EXT-02 B amplifiers, an REL-08 B, and an AUD-08 B system with one power supply. It has DC and AC outputs with gain x10 and various filtering options. It also has monitors for filters and gain, an external stimulus input, and a data bus connection. There are multiple headstage options available.

Light Stimulating Device

ALA Scientific’s Light Stimulation Device (LSD-1) can be incorporated into existing electrophysiology setups where light sensitive ion channels are being studied. Optical stimulation over standard electrical stimulation techniques affords researchers the advantage of non-invasively stimulating targeting areas.

Digital One Channel BiPolar ALA Temperature Controller

The HCT-10 temperature controller is a single-channel heating and cooling controller with an additional external feedback channel. When using the external sensor, the HCT-10 can detect if the sensor has been removed from the bath or if the bath has run dry, thus switching temperature feedback to the internal thermistor of the device being heated.

Computerized 8 through 32 Channel Fast Focal Perfusion System

The OctaFlow II ™ from ALA is our most advanced drug application device for electrophysiology and imaging research. This fast perfusion system is designed to meet the needs of basic science and drug discovery researchers. Software control of all perfusion parameters makes the OctaFlow II ™ superior to all other perfusion systems.

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