EPC 10 USB Single Patch Clamp Amplifier

The EPC 10 USB amplifiers are available with one (EPC 10 USB), two (EPC 10 USB Double), three (EPC 10 USB Triple) or four (EPC 10 USB Quadro) amplifiers. This hardware product line is fully integrated with HEKA's data acquisition LIH 8+8 AD/DA interface. The interface utilizes USB 2.0 and high speed processing technologies. The advanced integration of the EPC 10 USB with the interface and software minimizes total recording noise, eliminates compatibility problems and reduces additional equipment expenses and set-up time.


The PatchServer is world-wide the only automatic patch-clamp system that is able to establish single-channel and whole-cell recording configurations using tools and techniques from the manual patch approach. The PatchServer is an add-on tool for manual patch-clamp setups. It utilizes standard glass electrodes and employs step-by-step the manual patch-clamp procedure of a human experimenter.

EPC 800 USB Patch Clamp Amplifier

For any researcher who desires manual user control through knobs and dials, while at the same time, longs for some degree of computer communication and automatic control, HEKA is excited to release the EPC 800 USB. This amplifier is truly a unique hybrid patch-clamp amplifier with its design and feature-set primarily based upon the manually controlled EPC 8. The EPC 800 USB can be controlled with any data acquisition interface and can be supported, not only by HEKA software, but also with third-party data acquisition programs.

LIH 8+8 Computer Interface

The LIH 8+8 is a high resolution, low-noise scientific data acquisition system. It utilizes the latest USB 2.0 and high speed processing technologies. The LIH 8+8 provides expandability and versatility that will satisfy both current and future needs. With its USB 2.0 interface, the LIH 8+8 can easily be connected to a laptop computer without the need for a peripheral PCI card. The analog input and output channels are isolated from the digital lines that communicate with the computer. Each analog channel has it's own separate ground patch and the digital section has a completely different ground. The result is complete isolation of the acquisition side from the computer side with full 16 bit capability and low noise.


HEKA Elektronik also provides accessories like Glass-Insulated Microelectrodes, Headstages (Probes), Pipette Holders and Microelectrode Holders.

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