ANY-maze Video Tracking

ANY-box Multi-Configuration Behavior Apparatus

Stoelting’s Multi-Configuration Behavior Apparatus is a completely automated system designed to make behavioral tracking convenient and affordable without compromising features. At the heart of ANY-box is the critically acclaimed ANY-maze software, coupled to Stoelting’s ANY-maze interface (AMi-2) device. This combination of core components allows you to automate as many as four ANY-boxes per digital interface for simultaneous testing.

Anxiety & Depression (Zero Maze)

The elevated Zero-Maze is a modification of the Elevated Plus-Maze which incorporates both traditional and novel ethological measures in the analysis of anxiety. The design comprises an elevated circular platform with two opposite enclosed quadrants and two open. This removes any ambiguity in interpretation of time spent on the central square of the traditional “plus” design, and allowing uninterrupted exploration. The maze includes infrared transparent inner walls which allow a single camera to see the animal in all parts of the maze. Requires an infrared illuminator and an infrared sensitive camera and lens (all cameras and lenses that we supply are IR sensitive)

Exploration & Motor Coordination (Parallel Rod Floor Apparatus)

The Parallel Rod Floor Apparatus, designed for assessing the effects of drugs, brain damage and disease, on motor coordination and fatigue, is ideal for use with knockout and transgenic mice. The Parallel Rod Floor Tests high throughput design makes it an extremely versatile and valuable screening and phenotyping tool. Adapted from the apparatus first described and developed by Drs. Kamens and Crabbe, the Parallel Rod Floor Test is a new model of ataxia in mice. The Parallel Rod Floor Test allows for the simultaneous measurement of ataxia and locomotor activity, adding variety to the battery of other tests currently available.

Learning & Memory (Barnes Maze)

The Barnes Maze task is similar to the Radial Arm and Morris Water mazes but without dietary restrictions and with less physical stress. The Barnes Maze is designed for testing spatial learning and memory. Within the maze, animals are motivated to escape from the brightly lit, open platform to a small dark recessed chamber (escape box). During testing, the animal learns the spatial location of the escape box. The maze also includes false escape boxes which help to remove visual cues that might be observed from a distance or through an open hole.

Operant Conditioning (Ugo Basile Operon)

The Ugo Basile Operon is the ultimate intra/extra-dimensional (ID-ED) Attentional Set-Shifting Task for mice. This novel ID/ED Operon task is an effective preclinical tool for studying the executive dysfunctions and cognitive symptoms of psychiatric disorders. A dedicated version of ANY-maze software automatically manages all the Operon tools following a precompiled protocol and collects the data.

Sociability (Ugo Basile Agora Maze)

The Ugo Basile Agora Maze is a new social interaction cage, designed after the SocioBox Method. The main principle is based on free choice by a subject mouse to spend time in any part of an open circular arena attached to 5 cubicles. Ideal for videotracking with ANY-maze!

Digital Mouse Stereotaxic Instruments

Our Mouse Stereotaxic Instrument is specifically designed for use with knock-out and transgenic mice. Digital models offer greater speed of operation and increased accuracy. Fit with an easy-to-read, touchscreen digital display and sealed electronic sensors operation of the instrument is easy and precise. Simply move your probe to an established reference point (e.g. Bregma), zero the touchscreen LED display and move to the desired coordinates.

NEW FEATURE: The ONLY stereotaxic instrument on the market with an integrated warming base included on all units! Simply purchase Stoelting’s Rodent Warmer Control Box X1 (item 53800), or Rodent Warmer Control Box X2 (item 53850) to use the warming function.

Digital Rat Stereotaxic Instrument

Building on the Classic Lab Standard&trade Stereotaxic design, our Digital model offers greater speed of operation and increased accuracy. Fit with an easy-to-read digital display and sealed electronic sensors operation of the instrument is easy and precise. Simply move your probe to an established reference point (e.g. Bregma), zero the LED display and move to the desired coordinates.

Dual New Standard™ Stereotaxic, Rat and Mouse

The innovative design of the New Standard™ Stereotaxic Instrument provides users with the ability to perform surgeries on both Mice and Rats on the same base. The New Standard™ includes a 100 micron 3-axes, left-hand manipulator arm, separate rat and mouse adapters, dual-sided (18° and 45°) rat ear bars, triple point mouse ear bars, and corner clamp probe holder. The Dual Arm version can decrease surgery times and help reduce potential time consuming errors. A second manipulator arm is convenient, if not mandatory, in applications such as dual injections, bilateral cannulations, simultaneous stimulation and recording, etc.

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