Electrophysiology Amplifiers

We offer electrophysiology amplifiers for all relevant methods. The analog low noise electronics provide superior precision in any setup. We offer devices for intracellular measurements, patch clamp, extracellular measurements, two electrode voltage clamp, voltammetry, amperometry, electroporation and iontophoresis.

MVCS – Iontophoresis Amplifier

-Apply charged substances with high temporatol and spatial precision
-Target single synaptic boutons – local resolution ~1 µm³
-High voltage pulses in the sub millisecond range – fastest iontophoretic system on the market
-Avoid leaking of substances using the hold/retain current settings
±45V or ±150V voltage range with high precision current pump
-Balance channel with automatic counter-current application to avoid charging of specimen
-Control the MVCS with any data acquisition system

ISO-STIM-II – Stimulus Isolator

Modular approach allows you to:
-Choose your desired voltage range and supply source
-Choose from various different control and timing options
-Choose between voltage output, current output or both
- Low noise performance with AC mains power supply, no batteries needed!

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