Advanced Multipurpose Platform for Rodent Metabolic, Behavioral & Physiological Studies
PhenoMaster is a leading force at the forefront of rodent metabolic, behavioral, and physiological phenotyping, delivering unparalleled accuracy, unrivaled resolution, and the most precise and consistent data. Trusted Data. Reliable Results. PhenoMaster’s robust design ensures consistent and high-throughput data you can confidently rely on. Trusted by leading researchers worldwide, this system fuels significant advancements in the field.

PhenoMaster is an original and continuously evolving platform, built with the future in mind. Our pioneering spirit ensures access to the most advanced technology for your metabolic phenotyping studies.

Inhalation System

State-of-Art Solutions for In-Vivo & In-Vitro Inhalation Studies
Drawing on over 40 years of experience, we are a leading manufacturer of in-vivo and in-vitro inhalation systems renowned for their precision and reliability. Our commitment extends beyond core systems by providing the scientific community with the widest range of substance delivery and analysis modules. This modularity empowers researchers to customize studies and address a broad spectrum of research needs.

German Engineering for Exceptional Performance: Our systems uphold precision engineering principles, ensuring exquisite accuracy and consistent data generation. This translates to robust and reliable research outcomes in diverse areas, including pharmacology, toxicology, environmental safety assessment and occupational health studies.

Expert Guidance for Compliant Studies: We recognize that successful inhalation studies require a holistic approach. Beyond equipment, we offer dedicated scientific consultations to ensure your study design meets regulatory guidelines, such as OECD, EPA, and GLP.


New Standard for Rodents Behavioral & Cognitive Phenotyping
IntelliCage is a fully automated system allowing you to assess home cage behavior and cognitive performance of up to 16 mice or 8 rats respectively while preserving social interaction. This unique experimental setup fosters natural social behavior in a biologically relevant, enriched and highly standardized home cage context. Therefore, IntelliCage minimizes handling and human intervention, increasing task validity, data reproducibility and ensuring a high level of animal welfare.

To provide a greater control over animal movement between the IntelliCage and external compartments, like running wheels or metabolic cages, we offer our sophisticated animal gate. Conditionally manage access based on individual animal identification and programmable protocols, streamline your research workflows while minimizing stress on your subjects.

Multi Conditioning System

Multi-Purpose Platform for Ten Behavioral Paradigms
The Multiconditoning System (MCS) empowers researchers by enabling comprehensive behavioral testing (learning, memory, emotion, anxiety) within a single, automated platform. MCS consolidates workflows, eliminating the need for multiple setups and saving valuable bench space. Generate reproducible results with confidence.

MCS offers unmatched versatility for diverse research needs. Removable floors and interchangeable test arenas adapt to a wide range of behavioral assays. Additionally, the powerful software, with 3 comprehensive packages allows running and analysis of over 10 behavioral tests.

Experience the benefits of MCS research: reduced costs, minimized space requirements, enhanced data accuracy, and superior reproducibility.


Most Sensitive Rodent Kinematic Movement & Gait Analysis
MotoRater is the new standard in the field of rodent gait analysis. This innovative tracking system breaks through the limitations of traditional footprint analysis, offering a comprehensive and versatile platform for researchers investigating fine movement and posture details.

MotoRater precisely tracks designated anatomical points across five distinct movement modalities – overground walking, skilled ladder walking, wading, swimming, and beam walking. This unparalleled capacity for multimodal analysis allows more detailed understanding of motor disfunction across diverse behavioral contexts.

Our sophisticated high-speed camera system provides simultaneous full ventral, left, and right-sided capture of the animal’s locomotion. This multi-angular approach facilitates the generation of rich 3D kinematic data, enabling researchers to capture subtle deviations in posture and movement patterns that might be missed by traditional single-view techniques.


Freely Moving Group-Housed Animal Stimulation & Monitoring
NeuroLux – the first commercially available platform allowing wireless optogenetic stimulation and physiological monitoring of central and peripheral nervous system as well as specific organs. This flexible and price-affordable solution offers, on a unique platform, a vast variety of methodologies ranging from optogenetic stimulation, drug delivery, real-time physiological monitoring and photometry, all in freely moving animals to maximize data reliability and reproductivity.

The NeuroLux Starter Kit is an all-inclusive package of all hardware, controller, as well as software to upgrade this technology quickly and easily in your existing experimental platform or housing cage. It allows up to 8 additional cages to be run simultaneously to increase experimental throughput. Master module powers and communicates other modules.

Stellar Telemetry

Multichannel Implantable Telemetry for In-Vivo Monitoring of Physiological Parameters

All Digital Solution

Unlike traditional cage-based setups, Stellar Telemetry is an animal-centric system that prioritizes minimal hardware requirements.

All-Digital Solution: Stellar requires only one antenna in the room, which is only 5m+/10ft away from animals or less.
The Universal Receiver: Enables simultaneous data collection from up to 8 real-time implants or up to 32 memory implants.
Flexible Antenna Placement: Conveniently positioned on walls, ceilings, or stands, allowing for optimal data transmission and reception.
Versatile Compatibility: Stellar Telemetry serves diverse research needs with a single, streamlined setup seamlessly adaptable across different species and labs.

Continuous & Memory-Type Implants

Group Housing Compatible: Break free from the constraints of individual housing, animals can be group-housed while individual data is collected with precision and accuracy.
Effortless Scheduling: The measurement schedule can be programmed remotely and changed at any time after implantation.
Minimalistic Setup: No receivers around cages; simple USB connection(s) to your computer or laptop.
Expand Your Research: Simply purchase new implants and use the same system hardware and software with any Stellar implant model across all animal species.

Revolutionizing Animal Research

Seamless Integration: Conduct telemetry recording alongside other tests, such as exercise or cognition testing, with ease.
Guaranteed Data Integrity: Scheduled recording with memory implants ensures lossless storage and transmission whenever the antenna is within range.
Efficient Battery Usage: Implants conserve battery power by activating specific signals and settings as requested through an intuitive user interface.


Fully Automated Infrared Activity Frame for Mice & Rats
The multi-purpose ActiMot2 system registers, spontaneous or induced, animal movement with a 3-dimensional grid of light-beam sensors. Horizontal and vertical movements are reliably detected with high spatial and temporal resolution. ActiMot2 is available for Open Field experiments to study spontaneous activity, exploration, and anxiety. Square-shaped light-beam frames in two sizes with up to two additional rearing levels are combined with Open Field arenas for rats and mice. The dedicated advanced software with over 100 integrated result parameters is customized with various built-in options, including defining regions of interest and detecting thresholds to fine-tune activity and speed parameters.

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