Mouse & Rat Anesthesia Machines (SomnoFlo®)

Kent Scientific’s mouse and rat anesthesia machines offer a variety of options to provide the best results and the most accurate readings while protecting the safety of you and your animals.
High-Flow Vaporizer (Large animals, single and multiple): VetFlo™
Somno Low-Flow Vaporizers (Mice, rats, and small animals, single and multiple): SomnoFlo® / SomnoSuite®

Ventilation (RoVent®)

Kent Scientific offers a variety of volume- and pressure-controlled mouse and rat ventilator options to meet a wide range of applications, including in-vivo COVID-19 research.
RoVent® is Available in 3 Great Products: RoVent® Jr. / RoVent® / SomnoSuite®

Physiological Monitoring (PhysioSuite®)

Kent Scientific’s physiological monitoring products allow you to closely monitor and maintain your animal's physiological status during research and surgery, making them valuable tools for in-vivo COVID-19 and other areas of research.

Noninvasive Blood Pressure Monitoring Systems (CODA® High Throughput System)

Accurately and safely measure systolic and diastolic blood pressure in mice and rats. Choose our CODA® monitor for a single animal, or the CODA® High Throughput monitor for 2 – 8 animals.
Multiple Animal System: CODA® High Throughput System
Single Animal System: CODA® Monitor

Rodent Surgical Instruments & Surgery Tools (SurgiSuite)

Kent Scientific offers a wide variety of rodent surgical instruments for your research needs.

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