Our Partners

ALA Scientific Instruments

ALA manufactures research equipment in the neuroscience, electrophysiology, and cell biology field, such as cellular amplifiers, pipette pullers, perfusion systems.

A-M Systems

A-M Systems designs and manufactures Neuroscience & Electrophysiology Instruments, as well as supplies a wide range of accessories like wires and glass capillaries

Axion Biosystems

Axion BioSystems’ proprietary multi-well microelectrode array (MEA) technology combines an industry-leading electrode count with the simplicity of a benchtop system to bring you unprecedented access to electrical behavior from cultured cells in vitro.

Cambridge Electronic Design

Cambridge Electronic Design manufactures and designs data acquisition & analysis instruments.

CWE Inc.

CWE manufactures instruments for physiology and respiration. Including animal ventilators, capnographs, amplifiers.


eDAQ manufactures ecorder and powerchrom data recording systems for electrochemistry, chromatography, flow analysis, research and teaching.

Heka Elektronik

HEKA Electrophysiology & Electrochemistry; data acquisition, patch clamp amplifier, potentiostat, galvanostat, manufacturer of the EPC10, EPC 9, EPC 8.

Kation Scientific

Kation Scientific experts in microiontophoresis employed in neuroscience research.

KD Scientific

KD Scientific provides wide selection of syringe pumps range from inexpensive single syringe with menu and alphanumeric display.

Kent Scientific

Kent Scientific specializes in non-invasive mouse blood pressure and rat blood pressure. The system calculates tail blood pressure by determining the tail blood volume with.

Multi Channel Systems

Multi Channel Systems MCS develops high-performance measuring instruments and equipment in the field of electrophysiology for research groups and for pharmaceutical purposes.


MicroscopeHeaters design and produce the first and only fan free, pipe free, vibration free whole microscope incubation chamber system. Stage top incubation, objective heaters, gas control and heater/cooler systems complete our range.

Nanion Technologies

Nanion Technologies – Smart Tools for Ion Channel Research & Drug Discovery, Automated Patch Clamp.

Narishige Scientific Instrument

Narishige makes micromanipulation easier and more precise in every field, from biology to industry, provides results for the technological requirements of researchers exploring the mysteries of life, both large and small.


Neurostar was established in 2002, our head office is in Tübingen, Germany. We develop, manufacture and market hardware and software systems for functional neurosurgery and fundamental neuroscience, with an emphasis on invasive electrophysiological brain mapping, data analysis and multi-information rendering.

npi electronic

npi builds instruments for the life sciences and methods for basic research in physiology. Including amplifiers, stimulators and intracellular.

Precisionary Instruments LLC

Precisionary Instruments LLC aims to empower scientists and clinicians in achieving their goals through innovation, reliable products and services.


Scientifica manufactures and distributes scientific instruments for university researchers, pharmaceutical companies and research laboratories working in the biomedical research fields of electrophysiology and imaging.

Scientific Systems Design

Scientific Systems Design is involved in the design, development and manufacture of scientific research instruments for university and pharmaceutical purposes.


Stoelting is a diversified company, the major product lines are all related to physiological, psychological, and psychophysiological measurement.

Sutter Instrument

Sutter manufactures biomedical research instrumentation with the highest possible standards of performance and innovation.

TSE Systems

TSE provides a complete range of test systems for studies with laboratory animals, versatile video tracking system for automatically recording and analyzing animal activity, movement and behavior in open fields, mazes, etc.

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