Multiphoton Scan Heads (Scientifica VistaScope)

The award winning, premier solution for multiphoton imaging, allowing you to see more cells, more clearly than ever before.​
Use the VistaScope’s two identical scan paths to combine photostimulation and imaging, independent of wavelength. With an impressive 40mm field number, the VistaScope boasts multiphoton micro- and meso-scale imaging capabilities, at a microscope price tag.

Multiphoton Microscope Frames (Scientifica SliceScope)

An advanced slim microscope designed to support diverse and demanding electrophysiology and imaging experiments.
The Scientifica SliceScope is an ultra-stable, versatile upright microscope. The unbeatable small footprint, low noise electronics, simple conversion between in vitro and in vivo as well as the remote control, have made the SliceScope an integral part of electrophysiology rigs and multiphoton systems around the world.

Multiphoton Detection Modules (Scientifica Multiphoton Detection Unit)

Interrogate larger neural networks at higher resolution than ever before, with the world's highest performing multiphoton all-optical solution.
The MDU is an optimised one or two-channel fluorescence detection system specifically designed for multiphoton imaging with a range of objectives.
It offers high sensitivity with a choice of Photon Multiplier Tubes (PMTS) to suit your sample and experimental needs. The MDU has been optimised for integration with Scientifica's microscopes and can be added to your existing setup.
The MDU boasts pre-aligned optics, safety shutters/switches, a changeable filter cube, and a choice of PMTs, providing a complete solution for your imaging detection needs. Each detection unit includes a power supply, and control unit for convenient operation and integration with your Data Acquisition System.

Multiphoton Photostimulation (Scientifica HoloStim-3D)

Acquire high-quality images and maximise your photon collection when performing multiphoton fluorescence imaging.
The HoloStim-3D seamlessly integrates with the HyperScope and VistaScope award-winning multiphoton imaging systems, to create an industry-leading spatial light modulator (SLM) system for all-optical interrogation of neural networks with previously unachievable performance.

Optogenetics and Uncaging (CoolLED pE-300ultra)

LED illumination for in-vitro optogenetics and high-speed fluorescence microscopy.
Intense, broad-spectrum LED illumination for imaging most common fluorescent stains. Users have access to both microsecond switching via multiple TTL inputs and the ability to mount inline excitation filters. This, when paired with today’s high performance multi band filter sets, facilitates imaging traditionally done via a white light source and a filter wheel, with all the benefits of LED.

Manipulators (Scientifica PatchStar Micromanipulator)

The perfect electrophysiology micromanipulator – from single channels to in vivo field recordings.
The globally recognised PatchStar micromanipulator is perfect for electrophysiological recordings. The stable design and ultra-quiet electronics mean you can perform long-term patch clamp experiments and record even the smallest signals. The PatchStar's compact footprint and incredible versatility means it can be configured to fit around any sample, at any angle, in vitro or in vivo. The intelligent design and automated control enables you to reliably change and position your electrodes quickly and easily.

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