Amplifer Systems (dPatch® Digital Patch Amplifier)

Sutter Instrument is proud to announce one of the most significant additions to our product lineup in years: a full suite of electrophysiology recording hardware and software.

The dPatch® Digital Patch Amplifier System combines an unmatched sampling rate of up to 5 MHz with noise performance that supports the quietest single-channel recordings and digital architecture for the highest signal fidelity and ultra-stable compensation circuitry. The dPatch represents the most advanced amplifier for electrophysiology on the market today.

The IPA® family of Integrated Patch Amplifiers, enables efficient, low-noise whole-cell recordings. The IPA system, available with one (IPA) or two recording channels (Double IPA), combines state-of-the-art amplifier technology with fully integrated D/A and A/D conversion and a high speed USB interface. Acquisition, data management, and streamlined analysis are performed using the bundled SutterPatch® Data Acquisition and Analysis Software, built on the foundation of Igor Pro (WaveMetrics, Inc.).

Micropipette Pullers

P-2000 Laser-Based Micropipette Puller

The P-2000 micropipette puller represents a significant advance in the technology of fabrication of micropipettes, optical fiber probes, and nanospray tips. The P-2000 integrates a CO2 laser-based heat source with the technology derived from our extensive experience with conventional pullers. This system offers capabilities unmatched by other pullers.

While the P-2000 is suitable for working with most conventional glasses, its primary advantage is the ability to work with quartz glass (fused silica). Quartz offers superior material properties for a variety of research applications. Quartz is stronger than other glasses and can facilitate penetration through tough tissues which would normally break conventional pipettes . For applications requiring a low noise glass, users will find that quartz is the lowest noise glass available. Quartz contains none of the metals used in conventional glasses. Optically, quartz is virtually free from fluorescence when illuminated.

P-1000 Next Generation Micropipette Puller

Developed through years of experience with the Flaming/Brown style micropipette pullers and infused with leading edge technology, Sutter is proud to introduce the P-1000 micropipette puller. The most obvious new feature is the color touchscreen display that provides an intuitive and full-featured interface.

The extensive library of programs found in the popular Sutter Cookbook has been incorporated into the P-1000 puller and is available to the user via the touchscreen display. You need only specify the glass, filament, and type of pipette you require and a suitable program will be identified and available for installation. This takes the guesswork out of pipette pulling and simplifies programming.

P-97 Flaming/Brown Micropipette Puller

The P-97 Flaming/Brown type micropipette puller is ideal for fabricating micropipettes, patch pipettes and microinjection needles. While retaining many of the features of earlier models, the P-97 offers improvements in mechanical, electronic and software design. The result is better control of the pulling process and a higher degree of reproducibility. The P-97 combines a proven mechanical system with a sophisticated, programmable microprocessor controller. This programmable control of the pulling parameters allows the investigator to design application specific pipettes from a wide range of glass compositions and sizes.

P-30 Vertical Micropipette Puller

The model P-30 vertical micropipette puller is designed for the fabrication of basic micropipettes and patch-type pipettes. It will pull micropipettes with tip diameters as small as 0.3µm and moderate taper lengths (6 to 10 mm). By using an included patching attachment, the P-30 will pull the standard double pull patch-type pipette. Used with thin wall glass capillaries, it will generate pipettes or needles suitable for microinjection studies. The P-30 is ideal for student laboratories and other situations which call for an economical, reliable pipette pulling device.

The P-30 is available with either a platinum/iridium or a Nichrome filament. The Nichrome filament is suitable for many applications and is not prone to damage.The Platinum filament is more efficient at heating and cooling, and, although is more prone to damage than the Nichrome filament, the platinum filament is recommended for thick wall and aluminosilicate glass and applications requiring shorter taper lengths.

Capillary Glass & Filaments

Sutter Instrument Company, in addition to the finest micropipette pullers available, offers a wide selection of high quality capillary glasses in various sizes and materials. Though there are many types and sizes of capillary glass available, we have carefully selected only those that pass our criteria. Our expertise in micropipette technology assures you of precision and high quality.

We offer capillary glass tubing in three different compositions; quartz, borosilicate and aluminosilicate. Each composition has its own unique properties and the selection will be determined by your application and your puller’s capabilities.

Micro Manipulators (MP-285 Motorized Micromanipulator)

Sutter began making micromanipulators in 1985 with the MP-85, a refined version of the venerable Huxley-style manipulator. Seeing the potential of stepper motors, Sutter went on to develop the MP-285, our first stepper-driven micromanipulator. Both the MP-285 and MP-225 use stepper motors with a cable drive design. These have been proven over the last 25 years to be very reliable in the field. Both are available with the MPC-200 controller or their original stand-alone controllers.

More recently, we have developed a new series of manipulators using a lead-screw drive. The 3-axis MP-845 and narrow format MP-865 represent a new family of compact and reliable manipulators that interface with our proven controllers. These new designs offer a more compact footprint which creates additional space for setup and access around your microscope.

Optical Instruments (Lambda 10-3 Optical Filter Changer)

Precise mechanical movement and well engineered electronics have always been hallmarks of Sutter Instrument products. Over twenty years ago, our entrance into the optical products market capitalized on these attributes when we set out to produce a reliable, fast, electronically quiet, computer controlled filter wheel. The result was the Lambda 10, which met all of our original performance goals, and proved itself as a very rugged and reliable instrument.

The success of the Lambda 10 led to the development of a new generation of wavelength switching products, and one of the widest ranges of accessories in the industry. Our current design, the Lambda 10-3 controller, allows for the use of three filter wheels without the expense of additional controllers. The Lambda 10-B has also been added as a lower cost alternative for those who do not require all the features of the Lambda 10-3. Both of these controllers can be coupled to our original filter wheel, as well as our latest line of wheels which have been designed for 25mm as well as larger diameter filters.

Movable Objective Microscope®

The Movable Objective Microscope® (MOM®) is a two- or thee-photon microscope capable of imaging deep within living specimens when combined with an appropriate laser. The Sutter MOM was the first scope to provide 3-dimensional objective movement and rotation allowing the specimen to remain horizontal and stationary. Many highly regarded imaging laboratories around the world use the Sutter MOM and we constantly work with our customers to adapt the design for their changing needs.

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