Compresstome® VF-510-0Z (Best Seller!)

Key Features:

Equipped with powerful, cordless motor for quiet and durable operation

Easy to clean:
Removable buffer tray and tube base allows for easy cleaning and changing tube sizes

Fast loading of cutting samples:
Our one-touch unlocking mechanism on the sliding control box allows for rapid sample loading

User-friendly controls:
Fully integrated control box has intuitive control parameters for controlling tissue sectioning

Compatible with multiple blade types:
New magnetic blade holder allows for easy magnetic attachment of stainless steel blades, or glue-on attachment of ceramic and tungsten blades

Easy-to-mount blade holder:
Fixed blade angle offers convenient operation with no need for manual alignment

Increased lifespan of microtome:
Built-in see-through cover protects oscillating parts from aerosolized buffer solution

Compresstome® VF-210-0Z

Key Features:

Durable vibration head
No need to align cutting blade holder
Removable buffer tray for easy cleaning
Single slice cutting mode only
Manual slice thickness advancement

Compresstome® VF-800-0Z

Key Features:

Allows for single & continuous cutting modes
Creates free-floating section in buffer tray
Allows for large samples up to 100mm diameter
Horizontal, top-facing cutting mechanism
Compression technology gives high-quality slices

Compresstome® VF-300

Key Features:

Manual adjustment of blade holder
Light footprint for easy portability
Sliding control box allows for fast loading of samples for cutting
Slice thickness control to 1µm precision
Ability for single or continuous cutting modes

Rotary Microtome RF-600 (Manual)

Key Features:

High precision specimen feed control
Compatible with low-profile and high-profile blades
Specimen clamp is compatible with multiple cassette sizes
Handwheel can be locked in any position
Cutting stage has blade guard and blade ejector for increased safety
Spacious waste tray is removable and allows for easy cleaning

Rotary Microtome RF-800 (Semi-Automated)

Key Features:

LCD touchscreen panel shows all cutting metrics
Control panel provides easy and friendly controls
Specimen clamp is compatible with multiple cassette sizes
Cutting stage has blade guard and blade ejector for increased safety. Can also be used with high- or low-profile blades
Large volume waste tray is removable for easy cleaning
Top of microtome can be used for storage of consumables during cutting, saving space
Smooth turning handwheel can be locked anywhere in the 360-degree turn, allowing for improved ergonomics

Rotary Microtome RF-1000 (Fully-Automated)

Our rotary microtome RF-1000 is a FULLY AUTOMATED model that is ideal for repetitive tissue slicing. This model is our top-of-the-line microtome and tissue slicer for histopathology. It is fully automated to provide reliability and outstanding operator comfort. The RF-1000 rotary microtome gives you stability and high precision cutting, allowing it to be a multi-purpose instrument for cutting paraffin wax embedded sections in research and clinical labs.

Key Features:

Side control panel allows for “sectioning” and “trimming” modes, slice thickness adjustments, and automation on/off
LCD touchscreen panel shows multiple control settings (section & trim thickness, cutting mode, speed, and stroke distance)
Specimen retraction helps users avoid damage between slice sample surfaces, ensuring higher quality slices
Specimen clamp is compatible with multiple cassette sizes
Safety emergency stop button included
Smooth turning handwheel can be locked for safety
Cutting stage has blade guard for safety
Large volume waste tray is removable for easy cleaning

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